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Gifting A Custom Design & Illustration On Your Sasha Nicholas Piece

"For it is in giving that we receive." - Saint Francis of Assisi

Gifting A Custom Design & Illustration On Your Sasha Nicholas Piece

There is nothing we love more than being apart of creating gifts that are not only beautiful & long lasting, but especially meaningful to those who receive.  With our custom  Sasha Nicholas pieces, we have highlighted the option of personalizing yours with one of our hand drawn Monogram Fonts.  

Probably our favorite additional option is the ability to add a custom message to the back of your piece.  As seen with this  Hostess Platter gift, you can even add a message that is handwritten.  Many popular options we have seen are love notes, family recipes, favorite quotes, or even memorable dates and place names.

But not many know that we can also create custom illustrations for the front of our  Sasha Nicholas pieces.  

Gifting A Custom Design & Illustration On Your Sasha Nicholas Piece

SN: How did you decide which Sasha Nicholas piece would make the perfect gift?

"My mother's everyday china is  Sasha Nicholas.  And mine will be soon.  We both adore practically anything monogrammed, so the brand is perfect for us.  I wanted something unique and memorable, and the (hostess) platter turned out to be exactly that!  Since the sketch is longer than monograms, the lovely design team at Sasha Nicholas helped me pick the right piece proportionally.  

SN: What illustration design did you choose, and what meaning does it hold for you and the recipient?

"The sketch is the back of my parents' beautiful family home in Little Rock, Arkansas" "My fiancé and I are getting married in the backyard of my family's home this May.  My mother and I had the sketch commissioned for the wedding invitations." 

Andrea says that the  Hostess Platter is a gift for her mother's "65 birthday and a thank you for all of the wedding help she has been providing lately."

SN: Did you surprise your recipient with your custom piece?

"Yes, it was a surprise.  We went to Dallas for a girl's weekend, to celebrate her birthday and finalize dress fittings for the wedding."

SN: Did you included a custom message on the back of your piece?  Would you share more with us on your special note?

"I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a handwritten message on the back, such a special feature! Part of the message read, "I hope you smile every time you see this platter, just as I smile everytime I think of you and the fun we have together.  Thank you for all you do for me and especially all you are doing for Steve and me this year."

Gifting A Custom Design & Illustration On Your Sasha Nicholas Piece

Lastly, we inquired as to which of Sasha Nicholas's custom Monogram Styles are Andrea and Patti's particular favorite as a collector of our pieces.

"I had a custom monogram designed for my  Sasha Nicholas china, but I am particularly fond of the stag monogram which I am using in green for my Christmas pattern.  My mother likes to mix and match the monograms for her china."

Have a custom design or illustration that you would like put on your  Sasha Nicholas piece?  Click here to contact us today for more information on how to achieve this. Some design or illustration ideas that we love to incorporate are: wedding venues, wineries, homes, farms, country clubs or yacht clubs, ranches, or any other meaningful place.  We can also adorn your special piece with your family crest if you have one available.  Let us make your gift even more meaningful by adding your custom design or illustration to your Sasha Nicholas piece.

Artwork for Illustration done by:  By Invitation Only located in Little Rock, Arkansas - click here to contact for design artwork inquiries and all invitation and stationery needs.

Meaningful Wishes,

Cynthia Signature

See our  Gifts section of our blog for more Sasha Nicholas custom gift ideas and inspiration

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