“I can most certainly say that I wish I had know about Sasha Nicholas monogrammed dinnerware prior to registering for my wedding almost five years ago. Her selection of monograms is better than anything I have seen, truly elegant and timeless.”

-Caitlin, Daily Dose of Couture 

We are thrilled you'd like to register with us! Now, in addition to our pieces we offer Herend, Anna Weatherley, Royal Crown Derby, Moser, Waterford, Ralph Lauren, LeCreuset,  flatware, linens, and other wonderful products to complete your registry and we make the process fun and easy! Choose your favorite option below to start your registry:


Address: 9752 Clayton Road, St Louis, MO 63124     

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM - 5PM, Monday: by appointment  Sunday:closed


3. EMAIL US! CREATE A WISHLIST. Make a wishlist and share the link with us at Let us know what letters, monogram styles, and colors you would like on your dishes. We will set up a complete registry with mock up photos of what your dishes will actually look like. Once you review and approve of your registry it will be posted on our website. You can then share the link with friends and family; you can even link your registry to your Knot or MyRegistry (instructions listed below). If you have any questions creating your wishlist or styling your registry please email us at or  give us a call at 314-997-5854 

“Where was personalized, customized dinnerware when I was getting married?!? There is no doubt that I would registered for this in a nanosecond!” -Elizabeth Moyer, Pretty Pink Tulips 



To create a wishlist you need to set up an account and add each item to your list as you shop. You can view your wishlist by clicking "Wishlist" at the top of the website.



Want to add your Sasha Nicholas registry to your Knot account? Follow the easy steps below or email or call us and we will happily walk you through the process or link it for you! Click here for an example of a Sasha Nicholas registry on The Knot. 

Login to your Profile 

Step 1. On the left, select “Registry”

Step 2. Under “Your Gift Providers” select “Add a Gift Provider”

Step 3. Option Two: Link an Existing Registry > “Don’t see your store here? + Add Another Store”

Step 4. Fill in “Sasha Nicholas” under “Store’s Name” and copy & paste the link to your Sasha Nicholas Registry under “Your Registry URL”. Select Add It Now

Step 5. Select “View as Guest” on the left

Step 6. Select “Sasha Nicholas” and it should take you to your Sasha Nicholas registry!



Want to add your Sasha Nicholas registry to your MyRegistry account? Follow the easy steps below or email or call us and we will happily walk you through the process! Click here for an example of Sasha Nicholas products on a MyRegistry page.

Login to Profile

Step 1. Select “My Gifts” located on the top

Step 2. On the right, select "+Add Gifts”

Step 3. #1: Add the “Add To MyRegistry” bookmark bar; the first option (#1: Add from any online store)

           - This makes it easy to add products from any site to your registry!

Step 4. Go to your Sasha Nicholas registry

Step 5. Click the first product in your registry

Step 6. Once you’re on the first product page, select “Add to MyRegistry” in your toolbar at the top

Step 7. Select “Add To My Registry”

Step 8. File out page

           Gift Title: Sasha Nicholas _ (product name)__

            Select “Add Gift”

Step 9: Select “Manage My Gifts”

Step 10: Repeat steps 5-8 to add all your Sasha Nichols products

Step 11: In the top right hand corner, select “View As Visitor” to review your Sasha Nicholas products on your registry!


“Completely obsessed with the genius work of Cynthia Nouri and her company Sasha Nicholas the chicest custom monogrammed dinnerware I’ve ever seen!! I can’t wait to own a set of my own! This will change the way you mix and match your place settings!” -Eddie Ross 




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