Where Can I See Sasha Nicholas Pieces In Person?

Our retail boutique is located in St. Louis, MO

Address: 9752 Clayton Rd
St Louis, MO 63124

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Monday: by appointment

Our retail partners display our entire collection including several personalized samples. Our retail partners offer friendly, experienced, personalized service and valuable gift-giving guidance. They also support your local economy. You will always be able to find the perfect gift for your next meaningful occasion at a Sasha Nicholas retail partner store.

How Do I Register?
Click here to create your account.
How Do I Recieve Free Shipping?

There are two ways to receive free shipping:

  1. You order needs to total $250 before tax to quality for free shipping, only available in 48 states.

If you feel your order qualified for free shipping and you did not receive it, please email us at orders@sashanicholas.com or call 888-877-5230.

Are Sasha Nicholas Products Food Safe?
Our porcelain pieces are food safe, FDA compliant, and California Prop 65 compliant, the highest standard in dinnerware safety.
How Does The Back Inscription Work?
What Is Monogram Etiquette?

For individuals

A traditional 3 letter monogram is the person's first name initial on the left, the last name initial in the middle & larger, and the middle name initial on the right. If the monogram is for a married woman, it has been traditional to substitute her maiden name initial for her middle name initial on the right. In this case, her first name initial is on the left, her last name initial is in the middle & larger, and her maiden name initial is on the right. Individuals may also choose a two letter monogram, first and last initials.

For married couples with the same last name

In recent years couples have most often been choosing a "duogram" or joined monogram. The wife's first name initial is on the left, the couples' last name initial in the middle & larger, and the husband's first name initial on the right.

For couples with different last names or hyphenated last names

Options include a 2 letter monogram using the initials of both last names or both first names with the woman's on the left. Prince William and Catherine used an intertwining WC for their monogram. It has been a tradition for hundreds of year for royalty to use each of the couples' first names intertwining. It is also an option to have a custom 4 letter monogram designed with both of the couple's first and last initials.

Most importantly

Most importantly, your monogram should represent what is most meaningful to you. If you have a monogram whose acronym has other meaning as well, it is completely fine to switch the letters. For instance, we had a couple whose duogram would have been "diy" (do it yourself) and they chose to switch it to "yid" but also considered a two letter. In the end, it's your choice!

What Are Care Instructions For My Sasha Nicholas Or Herend Pieces?

Porcelain is very strong but breakable. To ensure life-long use & enjoyment of your Sasha Nicholas or Herend porcelain pieces, we recommend the following:

  • Hand washing with mild detergent is preferred. Avoid citrus-based soaps or powder detergents & drying agents.
  • If a dishwasher is used, the following is recommended:
    • Avoid overloading the dishwasher. This will ensure items do not encounter one another causing potential chipping
    • Do not use citrus-based dishwashing liquid, abrasive powders, and/or drying agents
    • Dishwasher should be run on a no head setting
    • Allow the porcelain to cool off at the end of the drying cycle before removing it
  • Never put an item with gold or platinum trim in the microwave
  • Avoid storing acid-based foods in any painted porcelain container or serving piece for an extended period of time
  • Dust items with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasives and lemon-based cleaning products
  • When storing, the use of padding between stacked plates and other porcelain pieces are recommended to decrease any abrasions
When Can I Expect My Order To Arrive?

All orders take 3 weeks plus shipping to arrive. If there's any change to the timeline, you will be informed immediately. If you need something by a certain date, please include it in your order form in the note area at checkout. We will confirm that we can have it on time before processing the order.

Can You Choose To Have A Personal Inscription On The Back Of A Piece And No Monogram On The Front?
Yes, it is possible to order a piece without a monogram on the front of your piece and still have a personal inscription on the back of your piece.
  • This is considered a personalized piece so you will order through the monogrammed product. For instance, if you want to purchase the Weave 12" Dinner Plate without a monogram but with a personal inscription on back, order SKU: SNW101 Weave 12" Dinner Plate With Monogram, select "None" for color and monogram style, then move forward with ordering the custom inscription.
In Store Pick Up
If you live in St. Louis and would like to pick your order up at our retail boutique, please put your St. Louis address as the shipping address. The next screen will show the option of In Store Pickup. Check that and finish your order. We will notify you when your order is ready. If you would like us to contact you a particular way you are always welcome to put that or any other information in the COMMENTS section during checkout. We'd love to see you!
How Do I Submit A Handwritten Inscription?

Our handwritten inscriptions are available on our Hostess Platter, Oval Platter, Champagne Bucket, and Child & Baby Gift Set.

Ideas for Handwritten Inscriptions:

  • Children's note
  • Family recipe
  • Anniversary letter
  • Congratulatory message
  • Wedding gift
  • Family heirloom
  • A message from a loved one who has passed

Instructions for Handwritten Inscriptions:

  • Upload a high-resolution scan of your message below (black ink on plain, white paper)
  • Our design team will review the scanned message to make sure it will translate well on your piece before finalizing the order and accepting payment

Multiple Handwritten Inscriptions on a Single Piece:

  • Have each person write their message in black ink on plain, white paper and send you a photo by text or email
  • Fill in the monogram details and upload the scan of your message, then add the piece to your cart
  • During checkout there will be a “Comments” sections, add a note that more handwritten messages will be emailed. Please keep track of the order number.
  • Send pictures of ALL the messages in one email with your order number.
  • Please chat, email, or call us if you have questions and we are happy to walk you through it!

One Handwritten Inscription on Multiple Pieces:

  • If you would like one handwritten message inscribed on the back of several pieces, please contact us at orders@sashanicholas.com for pricing as it is a one-time fee
What Is Your Return Policy?

Please see our handmade agreement below:

Handmade Agreement

Each Sasha Nicholas piece is hand made for you as you have been submitted them and cannot be canceled or returned. Please review your order carefully before placing it. Remake requests due to variations and the handmade characteristics or due to your submission error are not accepted. Please be sure you appreciate the charm and natural imperfections of hand decorated pieces before placing your order. Slight variations in letters, color, dimension, placement and composition are common characteristics of a hand made and hand painted product and may be present in your Sasha Nicholas piece. In addition, from time to time we make slight adjustments in font family and size in order to enhance the aesthetics of our products.

We are very careful with our orders. We rarely have mistakes and try our best to avoid them. We want you to be thrilled with your new cherished piece and your experience with Sasha Nicholas so if we misspell a word or monogram that was correctly submitted by you, we will happily pay for return shipping, make your new piece as quickly as possible, and if necessary, expedite shipping!

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