Grenville Creamer Jug, ROYDVC-GRENV00134, Sasha Nicholas

Royal Crown Derby

Grenville Creamer Jug



Grenville Creamer Jug, ROYDVC-GRENV00134, Sasha Nicholas

The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain has its headquarters in the English "Potteries". It employs 200 skilled craftspeople and manufactures the highest quality English Fine Bone China. The Company produces bone china tableware, giftware and collectables. The present factory was established in 1878 but the business traces its origins to the original factory which was set up in Nottingham Road in about 1750. Queen Victoria granted permission to include the title "Royal" in the company name in 1890.

Dimensions: Capacity: 11.5oz

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Color Blue
Weight 11.50 LBS
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