Royal Limoges

Nymphea Fleur't bleu Rectangular cake platter



Nymphea Fleur't Bleu Rectangular Cake Platter, ROYBIA-L330-NYM20447, Sasha Nicholas

Royal Limoges is the oldest existing porcelain factory in Limoges, France since 1797.

A two century old tradition together with the most advanced technology enabled Royal Limoges to remain one of the few family owned companies remaining.

Royal Limoges has been based at Faubourg des Cassaux (today named rue Donzelot) since 1816, close to the Vienne river. The raw materials come from its kaolin and the clay is prepared the company’s mills creating unsurpassed quality porcelain meant to be used and enjoyed.

Dimensions: Length: 15.75" Width: 5.75"

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