Riviera Vert Frais Mug, COSCSF-ATC134-01616E, Sasha Nicholas

Costa Nova

Riviera Vert Frais Mug



Riviera Vert Frais Mug, COSCSF-ATC134-01616E, Sasha Nicholas

Costa Nova is a small fishing village located by the Northern Atlantic Coast. A well-known holiday spot since the 19th century for Portuguese families, famous for its wooden houses painted in colorful stripes and fresh seafood, served daily in the local restaurants.

Inspired by this tradition and the Mediterranean lifestyle of enjoying shared meals COSTA NOVA brand was launched, combining ancient European craft tradition, elegant design and quality to create fine stoneware pieces.

COSTA NOVA is recognized worldwide for designing and producing high quality tableware and accessories with a reinvented classic and timeless style. Using the best natural resources in Portugal, COSTA NOVA pieces are known for its color and exceptional durability, offering an endless range of combinations to create the perfect setting for each occasion.

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