Skate Antique Gold Napkin Ring - Pack Of 4, BODBOD-NNR60685P, Sasha Nicholas


Glover-Kirk Skate Antique Gold Napkin Ring - Pack of 4

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Skate Antique Gold Napkin Ring - Pack Of 4, BODBOD-NNR60685P, Sasha Nicholas

Since 1994, Bodrum Linens provided premier quality Turkish linens, offering exceptional value. Their fabrics are woven on state-of-the-art looms and dyed or printed using only the highest quality materials. All finishing is done by highly skilled artisans who take extra pride in their craft.

The designs and colors of collections are always on target with the latest trends in tabletop and home décor. Bodrum designs are also known to be versatile and transitional, where one can make them feel contemporary or traditional, formal or casual.

Bodrum also offer a range of organic fabrics, all woven using 100% certified organic cotton grown without using synthetic fertilizers, toxic pesticides, herbicides or other harmful elements. Their organic textiles are treated with low-impact dyes to keep our soil and water fresh and free of harsh elements. These low-impact dyes are not only chemical free, but they also require significantly lower amounts of water during the dyeing process.

Dimensions: Length: 1.75" Width: 1.25"

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